Thursday, November 09, 2006

M+K in LA today

We're performing at Cal State Los Angeles tonight -- 6:30 at the Fine Arts Gallery to celebrate the opening of the new Center for Contemporary Poetry and Poetics. For more information, call the Cal State L.A. English Department at (323) 343-4140.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:05 PM, November 10, 2006  
Blogger britteny said...

hi keith and mendi i hope you remember me i was one of the students you saw when you came to visit calstate. I was one of the LASCHA students. My names Brittneyt Williams and i exchanged information with you both.I wanted to thank you both for coming and speaking to the students i cant speak for everyone else in the class but i can speak for myself, you both touched me in a way you cant possibly understand.

i want to find a way to persue my art and still find a way to live in practical means. My practical i have notice, is not the same as eveyone elses practical.i want to stay away from the "starving artist" lifestyle if at all possible. You both help alot on this subject by speaking to the other students and i about what we would like to pursue career wise. i was saldy embarssed and upset that so many of my other classmates raised their hands and made comments regarding the fact that they were willing to give up their love in life, the one thing they feed off of for money. I then relized that i was too one of these people. For a long time now have decided to become a graphic design artist not because its my first love but because i feel like i cant make it as a fine artist. When i heard my other classmates i began to secound guess the ideas of money and were it is and will take me. I now am trying to find a way to allow myself to trust that i can do it(fine arts) but im extremely scared. Despite my fear i think you both have opened a new thought and even chapter in my life.Thankyou.

i also wanted to adress you talent. you both cosumed me for the small hour give or take that you talked to the class. I was amazed and captured through your work. I love the peice that was a memorial for the New Yorker that was shot. The symbolizim and thought behind the peice was amazing. I also love the peice that took the short phrases and between the phrases commentary or more of a story was added. These and the other work you both showed inspired me to do some art that is not nessarily visual. But allows the viewer or pertisipant to be touched by other aspects of art. And allow their other senses to be exsposed to art. im still working on the concept but what i has so far is the idea of an audio recording of a cannidite running and he is making his speech to the people. But all of the subject matter he is commenting on are quotes from the Dr Suess books substituted with subject matter we are dealing with today. In the background instead of political sounding music i would record the song mr sand man to give an ironic but meaningful feel to the peice. There are many parts of the peice im not finished with but you both helped influence me to get were i am so far.

I also wanted to tell you both that i was happy that you talked about the different enviorements and states you have been to and how they have influenced you. This helped me to understand how i need to ready myself. Despite the fact that there is a very slim chance i am interested in attending Copper Union for college im not sure if you both are familiar with this school but its pretty top the line in my book. This school is in New York a place were i have never gone not that i dont want to but money sometimes doesnt flow the way we always want it too. I really want New York to work for me because over the past three or four year i have come to truly dislike california which is one of the reasons im not applying to any of the schools here. Despite that point i want New York to be what my mind makes it to be. THis all relates to you both simply because you commented on what it is like in your opinion of being an artist in New York which gave me alot of good insight.

Lastly i wanted to say that i was not able to attend your show which hurt more than i can express simply because i got the inside tease and not the real thing so i would hope that you both would come agian.

I would appreciate if you guys can find the time to write me back. It be great. Thanks agian for everything

Some one you inspired
Brittney Williams

9:06 PM, November 10, 2006  
Blogger audiologo said...

Hope you'all had a good time in LA. How was the performance and engagement? Thanks for writing about Stephanie McKay. That was the show I so wanted to see, but I just couldn't make it. Giant Step & WIRED are doing a free thing with her later this month, as part of WIRED's new opening (but I can't make that one either).

12:32 PM, November 12, 2006  
Blogger Mendi O. said...

Hmm, when is that, do you know? We had a great time in LA. Nice seeing you yesterday.

11:57 PM, November 16, 2006  
Blogger Mendi O. said...

britteny, I tried to send you an email but it didn't go through. Can you send me your email address or allow me to make comments on your blog? let's stay in touch.

1:09 AM, December 01, 2006  

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