Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bob Kaufman Halloween

Here's a bit of "All Hallows, Jack O'Lantern Weather, North Of Time" by the beat poet Bob Kaufman for Halloween. The line breaks are imagined (or changed by the space restraints of the webpage), because I've only ever heard the poem. It begins (at the bitter ends):

A place called loneliness. A soft
town in the October country.
An unimaginary landscape
that exists in a real, unreal world

and closes:

It lies out on the far side of music,
that darkling plane of light
on the other side of time. And it
goes on going on, beyond beyond.
It begins at the bitter ends.
I know starness. I know lostness.
Move out, moonlight"

But if you really want to love the poem, you should hear Kaufman reading the poem. Here's some context for that recording.


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