Tuesday, February 26, 2002

The Sour Thunder

The Sour Thunder team: Torkwase Dyson (set designer), Peter Macon (performer "Blue Jasper"), Keith (composer and sound designer) Mendi (composer and performer "Sesom"), Laurie Woodard (performer "Mendi"), Iona Rozeal Brown (scent designer and performer "The Warm Hearted Child"), Marcus Gardley (director and performer "Elusive Black Presence"), Maddalena Deichmann (stage manager), Tan Falkowski (lighting designer)

Hi all, I've been working with an amazing group of artists on this project. I'll write about this process in a bit. For now, just check out the press release . . .

For Immediate Release

Please forward

Keith+Mendi Obadike, whose past projects include Blackness for Sale and Keeping Up Appearances, launch a net.opera The Sour Thunder from http://blacknetart.com/sour.html Thursday Feb 28th - Saturday March 2nd with live (real video) streams nightly from Yale University at 8:30pm and 11:00pm EST. Mp3s from the opera will be available for downloading.

The Sour Thunder tells a double-sided story blending autobiography and speculative fiction. Sesom travels from a land where scent is language to a land where language is spoken. Mendi travels from Atlanta (the US) to Santiago (the DR). The Sour Thunder explores the role of geography in identity and the idea of language as a technology. It will be simultaneously performed in and webcast from the Yale Cabaret and Afro American Cultural Center.

This net.opera features the website design and flash art of John Vega and the hypertext eMixes of Houston Baker, Christian Campbell, Coco Fusco, Duriel E. Harris, Nalo Hopkinson, John Keene, Ferentz Lafargue, Wahneema Lubiano, Dawn Lundy Martin, Paul D. Miller aka Dj Spooky, and Ronaldo V. Wilson. The live performance features Iona Brown, Marcus Gardley, Peter Macon, and Laurie Woodard with set design by Torkwase Dyson, lighting design by Tan Falkowski, costume design by Camille Assaf, choreography by Tim Acito, and scent design by Iona Brown.

For the most recent information on this project, please go to: http://blacknetart.com/sour.html or email

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