Tuesday, April 19, 2005

You Can't View A Masquerade by Standing in One Place

Earlier I mentioned the research we were doing on masquerades. The research was for a project we were creating on the email scams commonly called Nigeran scams. The press release is below. Come play.

4-1-9, OR YOU CAN’T VIEW A MASQUERADE BY STANDING IN ONE PLACE is a musical suite based on email scams. 4-1-9 is the name for a fund transfer scam or con commonly believed to originate from Nigeria. Each email tells the story of a modern African tragedy in fewer than five hundred words. These letters are actually created around the world. However, they often use names and locations that are particular to Nigeria or other parts of Africa. What idea of Africa do the composers of these letters hope to invoke?

Housed in an ATM machine at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, the project explores the structure of tragedy, archetypal African identities on the web, and the notion of scams. At the website, you can listen to songs based on the letters, use our form to create your own 4-1-9 letter, and play the online game, BALANCE.

URL: http://blacknetart.com/fouronenine.html
WHAT: Airborne, an exhibition about wireless communication
WHERE: New Museum of Contemporary Art
556 West 22nd Street (at 11th Avenue) NYC 10011
PHONE: 212-219-1222

An excerpt of songs from this collection will be performed
on May 19, 7pm, 133 Beekman St., New York
for the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

As part of the New Museum's on-going Transmission series, Airborne profiles exciting new projects by New York-based artists who investigate the aesthetic, sonic, and socio-political aspects of the wireless spectrum. Selected from an open call, artists 31 Down, Paul Davies, Melissa Dubbin + Aaron S. Davidson, Tarikh Korula, LoVid, neuroTransmitter, and Mendi + Keith Obadike expose otherwise fleeting and invisible transmissions through conceptual projects, networked installations, live streams, and audio-visual works.

Mendi+Keith Obadike are conceptual artists who make music and net.art. Their works have been supported by The Whitney Museum, The Rockefeller Media Arts Fellowship, the Studio Museum in Harlem, Franklin Furnace, Electronic Arts Intermix, and the New York African Film Festival.


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