Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Into Nothingness

Dear Reader (?)

It feels very strange to send these blogs out into nothingness. I've decided I'm going to try to do more ordinary blogs here. I mean, write shorter pieces more often. If you just want to see my long blogs (which aren't really blogs, are they?) you can go to But here I'm going to try to say more about what's happening now.

Thursday night I went to the Yale Cabaret to see 8x10, 8 ten-minute plays by some of the playwrights in the drama school. They all took place in a restaurant, had a flower woman, and a red handkerchief in them. They plays were great, the acting was great.

Afterwards, we went out with one of our friends, the playwright Marcus Gardley.

I ate an egg sandwich.

It made me sick.

old comments:

......think your decision on writing shorter and current posts a wise one. I myself tend to get lost in long monologues. Sitting at a computer screen is not my preference when reading. ...yummmm, the plays sound delightful. What a treat! Love the givens: restaurant, flower woman, red handkerchief. Drama items....hope you have recovered from the food poisoning. Bad eggs have a surreptitious way about them, we never see them coming. MuSe
Posted 4/6/2002 at 10:00 AM by lkhend

i too love the givens in the playwriting exercise. sounds like such fun! marchus gardley still wins the coolest name prize every time i hear it. but wait: wasn't the cover-the-tv scene in 'the temple of my familiar'?? i don't remember anything abt no tv in meridian. and i'll still read yr long posts, gurl. i takes me a while b/c i read them in short spurts (the computer screen thing) but i always make it through them eventually.
Posted 4/7/2002 at 4:09 AM by honeychild

Heyyyyyyy. People. Just what I was wanting, but now somehow strange. Thanks. I'm over the food poisoning. Marcus' name is the best and his play was the illest. I'd describe it for you, but I think I should wait til he blows up and you can see it / read it for yourselves. Yes, it was Temple of My Familiar. I just l ike the way Meridian sounds, so I always make every Alice Walker book be Meridian if I'm moving too fast . . . PeacePosted 4/8/2002 at 8:12 AM by mendi


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