Mendi + Keith: Articles, Interviews, and Reviews

M+K are featured in the Summer issue of the art & fashion magazine AMMO. Pariah star Adepero Oduye is on the cover.

M+K discuss American Cypher on WPFW's (Pacifica Radio) On the Margin with Josephine Reed

M+K are featured in The Burton Wire. They discuss American Cypher at the Studio Museum in Harlem

M+K's American Cypher is reviewed in Art F City

M+K's American Cypher is reviewed in Haber Arts

M+K are interviewed on the N.Y. television show Culture Context

M + K's Four Electric Ghosts is reviewed by Alexis Pauline Gumbs in Feminist Wire

Mendi+Keith interviewed by One Pause Poetry

M+K's sound installation American Cypher at Bucknell University

Mendi+Keith interviewed by

Mendi+Keith interviewed by Roulette Intermedium

M+K's Four Electric Ghosts gets a nod from pianist Vijay Iyer on WNYC's radio blog and in Artforum magazine

A review of Mendi+Keith's 4 Electric Ghosts on Conscious Vibration

Crosstalk album reviews in the Journal of the Society for American Music (PDF)

Crosstalk album reviews from All Music Guide, This is Book's Music, Frank J. Oteri, and Signal to Noise Magazine

Mendi+Keith's project Big House / Disclosure is featured in the Chicago Sun-Times

M+K interviewed in Cal State L.A.'s Statement Magazine

Mendi's class on Black music is featured in Princeton University's weekly bulletin.

Reena Jana and Mark Tribe write about Mendi and Keith's work The Pink of Stealth in their book New Media Art

Mendi Obadike is interviewed about her journal Sweat in the Hunter College newspaper

This is one of two articles on Mendi + Keith Obadike in El Pais about The Interaction of Coloreds (in Spanish)

Keith Obadike is interviewed by Coco Fusco about Blackness for Sale

An article on Keith Obadike in

Mendi + Keith are featured in New York University's Internet Journal ReadMe.

Mendi + Keith are in the magazine Exit the

Keith is written about in Form magazine in the Netherlands

Keith's piece The Interesting Narrative is mentioned in the article Black Secret Technology on

Keith's work is written about in Ying-Yi Chou's dissertation at Florida State University. Here is an excerpt.

Mendi + Keith's works the Interaction of Coloreds and Blackness for Sale are discussed in BW Catanese's article“How Do I Rent a Negro?: Racialized Subjectivity and Digital Performance Art" in Theater Journal.

Mendi's book Armor and Flesh is reviewed in the North Carolina literary Review.

Mendi's book Armor and Flesh and Keith's CD Softshell are reviewed in the Indiana Review.

Kodwo Eshun writes about Obadike's Blackness for Sale in an essay for the Arts Council England.