Monday, November 14, 2005

Back from the Road: Art Institute of Chicago

After the CalArts trip we were home for less than twenty-four hours before taking off for Chicago. Within hours of landing in Chicago, we were meeting with Steve Reinke's film, video, and new
media seminar. We very much appreciated the no-nonsense teaching style, and the open and frank discussion about our process and how one makes a living as a new media artist. Steve also did a hilarious performance of one of his works created in response to Adrian Piper's Calling Cards. Later that night we presented at the Gene Siskel Film Center of the Art Institute of Chicago. (See the photo to the left and note how much I move my hands as I talk. The photo was taken by Jon Cates, who teaches in the Film, Video, & New Media program @ AIC and is one of the founders of critical artware.) To our right was a huge screen where we showed some of our We also played the 5.1 version of The Pink of Stealth. In the audience were a number of AIC students and faculty and a friend of mine from Spelman, Antonia Randolph, whom I hadn't seen in many, many years. Afterwards we hung out with her, Jon Cates, and one of his students named Siobhan. We loved Siobahn, who was super-smart, thoughtful, quirky, and engaged. I can't wait to see/hear/read what kind of art Siobahn makes. More on this trip and the next day in the next post.

In the meantime: many congratulations to John K, who was recently awarded the Whiting Writer's Award!


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